Picking Out Your Guitar

Picking out your guitar can be a scary task, especially if it’s your first. When I got my first guitar, I didn’t really take a lot of the important factors into consideration. I ended up getting an okay guitar that didn’t really suit my needs. I didn’t look into the minor details, like machine heads, the size, and compatible string types.

The first fact I will propose is that you shouldn’t go for an entry level guitar with a brand name. While their professional guitars often have superior quality, it just isn’t the same with their beginner models. They don’t go through the same production lines and often use cheaper materials. You can get a better quality beginner guitar from a smaller company. At this point, you probably don’t need to pay for the extra features in an expensive professional guitar. Stick with the basics and keep your budget small for your first guitar.

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A great place to start is by looking at simple acoustic and classical guitars. You should choose the guitar that is suited for the style of music you like most. If you like rock, check out electric guitars. If you like classical music, flamenco, or folk, you may want to get a classical nylon guitar. Acoustic guitars are pretty versatile to play anything from ballads, to country, to pop music.

If you are looking for a guitar for your child, classical guitars are usually the way to go. They have less tension in the strings, which makes them less painful to play and easier to push down. You should also make sure the guitar is the right size. Most guitars come in different sizes corresponding to your height. Nylon string guitars have the most variety of sizes suiting players from two feet tall with a ¼ size until they grow to be over five feet tall with a full size.

You can also choose a guitar with a slimmer neck. This is great for people with small hands. It’s a good idea to get into the store and try out different sizes to see what feels comfortable for you. Even though you may be tall enough for a full sized guitar, a smaller size may actually be more comfortable for you.

The Taylor Guitars GS Mini is the second guitar I purchased. It has a really great hardware, which is hard to think about when you are buying your first guitar. I love how compact it is, while still giving me full resonating tones. It’s the perfect portable guitar. It’s small and light enough to just grab and throw in the car anywhere I am going. Some people complain about Taylor’s choice to use laminate on the back and sides, but it’s really good quality and doesn’t affect the sound negatively. The top is made of mahogany, with an African ebony fretboard. It is also pretty loud for such a small guitar! It is a little more expensive than most beginner models. However, it is certainly a guitar that will last and has a great quality build and parts.

taylor big baby

The Cordoba C5 is a solid and less expensive beginner classical guitar. It is a great choice because it has a quality build that will grow with you. Cordoba is a highly trusted name in guitars even their budget buys live up to. The mahogany neck and Canadian cedar body feel really expensive in my hands. The tonewood really offers a heavenly sound! I wish I had seen this option when I was shopping for my first guitar! It has the average cast tuning machines, which actually perform better than I expected. It holds the tune really well. There is something about nylon string guitars that allow you to know something is wrong with just a few strums. If you want the warmth of an expensive classical guitar, but don’t have the budget, the Cordoba is a fabulous choice for you.  

brown guitar

If you aren’t sure what type of music you will end up jamming on with, the Alvarez Artist Series AD30 could help you on your musical journey. It has a really impressive build for a beginner guitar. It is the only one on this list with a fully natural body. The front is Sitka spruce with mahogany sides and back. The neck is made of mahogany as well with a rosewood fingerboard. The semi-gloss finish pulls it all together. The tonewoods offer a really beautiful sound and great projection. You could totally use this for a gig without any issues. This may be Alvarez’s only entry-level guitar, but they didn’t mess around with entry-level hardware. You really get a high-quality guitar at a valuable price! This is one of my favorites to take to jam with friends.