The Music Within Us

The music within us keeps us soothed, healthy, and happy. Life would be completely different without music. Nothing breaks up an awkward silence quite like a great tune. Some could argue that music is what makes us human. It not only reflects the fabric of our lives and relationships, but it also connects us through our own barriers.

Music is a key feature to any life-changing event. You pour over song titles to create the perfect wedding playlist to help you remember that day. You may play a specific song to commemorate a lost loved one. Maybe you have a song you always play when you wake up on your birthday. Music can be used to complete an atmosphere. It can change the energy of an entire room of people. There is a song for any occasion.

Music is nothing new to humans. Every culture in the world creates music. You can listen to music from different places of the world and get a whole new look into their culture and how they experience the world around them. Music helps us change our emotions, create lasting memories, and a whole lot more. Read on to hear about the therapeutic benefits of music.

  • Music helps us be more creative. Neurologist Marcus Raichle discovered a state of mind called mind-wandering mode. He found that music is one of the easiest ways to get into this headspace. This state of mind allows our thoughts to wander in a way that is conducive to creativity. That’s why so many artists listen to specific songs to help them get into their creative zone. teaching
  • Music aids learning and memory. It’s no secret that using music in the classroom is a great way to get kids involved in the learning process. Music is a great way to get children to focus and help them remember facts for long periods of time.
  • Music is a language everyone can understand. Even if you can’t understand the lyrics, you can get a feel of the emotion and the thought the composer put into the sounds you are hearing.
  • Music helps build relationships. While music is great when you are on your own, you can also use it to bring people together and make new friends. When you meet someone who has similar feelings about certain music, you automatically have a deeper, more empathetic connection with them. It can also help people in a team work together more effectively. Playing music in a group is a great way to practice working alongside others as well.
  • Listening to music can reduce stress and anxiety. There is a slew of research that proves that music with a slow tempo and low pitches help people calm themselves down during even the most stressful times in their lives. Some studies looked at women who listened to music while giving birth. The music helped them manage their pain!
  • Music can motivate you to change your life for the better. There are few things with the motivational power of music.
  • Studies have also found that music can make people smarter and more understanding. reading while listening to music

Go listen to your favorite music and start reaping all of the great benefits music has to offer!