The Music Within Us

Without a doubt, music is arguably one of the most important parts of anyone’s life, especially day to day. As a passionate person when it comes to music, I believe that it has the power to shape the world around us and affect us all in profound ways. Not only is music simply great to hear, but it also packs health benefits as well, and is a form of expression that transcends borders, nationalities, creeds, and cultures. Music truly has the power to unite us all.

Lady with headphones listening to music

I cannot even imagine a day without music in my life and I don’t know anyone else that could live without it. I don’t even want to ponder what a day without music would consist of. What I do know is that without it, the world would be an especially lonely place. Since it is so extraordinary, it not only takes us to a special place but also reminds us all of what makes us human. Music is certainly one of the many fabrics that connect our lives and is by and large a definer of what society is and what it should be. As one of the most rewarding experiences, music has a way of impacting us all from weddings to funerals, inaugurations to birthdays.


No matter how it is used, music is the art that celebrates our lives and it would be incomplete without us experiencing it. How many times has the ambiance of a room been changed with the addition of music? With so many varying styles out there, music fits any occasion and can be relaxing when we need to calm our nerves or lift our spirits when we are feeling mundane or lethargic.


Every culture in the world has been known to make music and each one has put their own special twist on several genres. Research studies have shown how music affects parts of the brain and the feelings and emotions it causes, as well as memories. I have found out over the years that music enables me to say things without saying a word and has shown me what it really means to be alive. It is arguably the best therapy in the world for me.

Human brain and music picture

Not only does music play a vital role in all of our lives, but it comes with tons of benefits as well. Here are just some of the ways in which music aids us all.


Music is one of the best ways to spark creativity as it is able to put most into a zone as it works its way throughout the brain, fostering inspiration. When the brain is in this mode it is most effective at producing creative content. It is all but fact that music sparks your creative juices, leading us to great innovation and discoveries.


Music also makes learning memorable and fun. Studies have even shown how music helps us to memorize things quicker, stay focused, and learn over time. So, music is not a distraction when it comes to learning as some like to think. Instead, music has a way to even help those who have suffered from memory loss recover it long-term.


As a universal language, music enables us to communicate across different linguistic and cultural boundaries that words simply cannot do. Music enables us to feel when words fail us.